Tampere Burlesque started as a collective of burlesque performers, event organizers and enthusiasts in 2009. The collective organized events in Tampere and participated in organizing events such as Dr. Sketchy.s Anti-Art School with other performers and producers.

In 2016 Tampere Burlesque became an association. The initiative came from Olivia Rouge, the most active event producer and performer in Tampere, and Stella Polaire, a hostess and the only active performer of the group Burlesque Polaire at the time. The talented miss Rouge had been organizing the monthly club Teerenpeli Tease for a few years along with other succesful events, and her dream of putting Tampere on the Burlesque World Map needed someone to start building a bigger burlesque scene with. Miss Polaire had been performing in and hosting miss Rouges events, and was eager to make more happen in Tampere. Together with a silent (but deadly efficiant) partner they made their plans and started the Tampere Burlesque Association.

Tampere Burlesque aims to bring more events and more diversity to the burlesque scene in Tampere. In addition to bigger events and bringing more international stars to Tampere the partners in glitter want to organize more workshops and courses and give more opportunities for all the people interested in becoming a part of the marvellous madness that is the world of burlesque. The Tampere Burlesque association is also interested in other froms of performing arts, such as drag, circus, dance etc.

Tampere Burlesque is more than happy to collaborate with different kind of parties, companies and individuals. Feel free to contact us via e-mail!

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The ladies behind Tampere Burlesque Association are:

Olivia Rouge (photo by Anna-Liisa Nikus) and Stella Polaire (photo by Jirina)